Elephant Room, ages 2-3 yrs

How We Learn

The two-year olds are becoming more social and more independent, all at the same time. In the Elephant Room we give our children the emotional support they need to carry out both these important life-time tasks.

Just being part of a group takes a lot of skills. Our goal is for children to begin to use language to communicate their feelings, needs and desires, to start the process of learning to share and take turns, to begin to share space and play with their peers, and to be able to be successful in groups, both big and small. We do this by interacting with our children, getting on their level, having real and meaningful conversations with them and sitting and eating as groups in a family style. Independence is encouraged as children begin to put on their own coats and shoes, solve some of their own problems, serve themselves at meal time, and of course, use the potty. There is a mix of teacher directed projects and child initiated play times where children can learn as they discover materials, activities, and physical settings through creative, meaningful play.


Katie Draeving

Katie Draeving, Lead Teacher