Turtle Room, ages 11-24 months

How We Learn

For many of our youngest learners, our Turtle Room is the first consistent group experience they’ve ever had. That, combined with the developmental levels of most toddlers, means that we spend a lot of time helping children in this room gain those skills that will help them thrive. Our goal is that they will be able to learn to be gentle with others, play with peers as part of large and small groups, begin to learn to share and take turns and begin to put words with actions, feelings and needs.

We also encourage their growing need for independence by encouraging self-help skills such as helping to clean up, practicing following directions and routines such as hand-washing, beginning to dress themselves, and by making the transition to and from parents, and from activity to activity as stress free as possible.

Teachers get down on the children’s level and participate with them as they discover materials, activities, and physical spaces through creative play and listen to stores, songs, and music. The outside becomes a learning space as well, as we develop our muscles climbing, running, riding bikes and explore nature. Children learn about our community, the people and things that make up our neighborhood, as teachers take them on cart rides to the many interesting sites near our Center


Cheryl Heiman, Lead Teacher

Cheryl Heiman, Lead Teacher