Board of Directors

Current Red Caboose Board

general contact

  • Kris Moelter, President
  • Blake Roberts Crall, Vice President
  • Phil O’Leary, Treasurer
  • Audrey Conn, Secretary
  • Kathleen Gilbertson
  • Cheryl Heiman
  • Stefania Hoffman
  • Chris Sewell
  • Lisa Fiala, Non-Voting Member
  • Ashlee Causey, Non-Voting Member
  • Laura Rogers, Non-Voting Member

Transition Plan

We are working toward a board that is comprised of:


  • Up to 4 parents of Red Caboose students
  • At least 8 community members


  • 1 advisory staff committee member
  • Executive Director
  • School Age Program Director
  • Preschool Program Director

We currently have:


  • 3 parents
  • 4 community members
  • 1 preschool teacher
  • 1 school age site supervisor


  • Executive Director
  • School Age Program Director
  • Preschool Program Director

Due to our current needs, we are looking to increase board membership from parents and community members, with the longer term plan of replacing existing parent members with community members. If you would like to join the board, please send a letter of interest or questions to board@redcaboosedaycare.org

Job Description

Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission.


  1. Provide financial, policy/procedural, legal and ethical guidance for the center.
  2. Serve as the connection between the organization and the community it serves:
    • Represent the organization enthusiastically and effectively.
    • Obtain and convey community feedback.
    • Observe and consider the value that Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc. does, can or should add to the community, and work with other board members and the executive director to increase the center’s value to the community.
  3. Work with the executive director to expand the resources for supporting and enhancing the efforts of the organization. Ensure that the center’s resources are used in the organization’s best interests, to fulfill the center’s mission.
  4. Be familiar with Red Caboose’s By-laws and policies.
  5. Participate in formation of the strategic plan, as the same may be amended and updated from time to time, and monitor progress on that plan.
  6. Establish job expectations for the executive director and annually evaluate performance.


  1. Serve on the board for your designated term of 1-2 years. Notify the board chair, in writing, if you are unable or unwilling to complete your term.
  2. Attend a minimum of six (out of 9) regularly scheduled board meetings. Notify the executive director if you are unable to attend.
  3. Attend other scheduled organizational events in the community
  4. Serve on at least one board committee (listed below)
  5. Make an annual financial commitment of an amount that is both significant to the organization and also significant compared to your other charitable giving.
  6. Actively support the organization’s fund development program activities. Participate in fundraising events by attending or volunteering.
  7. Consideration of the Foundation to your estate plan, IRA distribution or other planned giving mechanism.