Camp Caboose

Camp Caboose Summer 2020

Update for Camp Caboose

Weeks 1-9: Tuesday, June 16 — Friday Aug. 14

Travel week 10: August 17 – August 21

*No camp on Friday, July 3

Camp Caboose enrollment is available for alumni and new families.

Weekly Newsletters

Find out all of the fun activities we have planned this summer. Remember your everyday items: water bottle,

bathing suit, towel, and change of clothing. 

Travel Week Field Trips: (Leave by 10am – Arrive by 4:30pm)

Shooting Star Week FOUR

Comet Week FOUR

Camp Menu

Our meals are prepared at the RC Child Care Center by our Nutritional Coordinator. We will enjoy homemade breakfast, lunch, and snack all summer long!


feed_sample3Welcome to another fun summer with Camp Caboose! This summer we will be continuing with our Camp Caboose value star that includes a different trait each day that we will focus on at camp.

Monday: Community–
At Camp Cabooose, we are truly one big family. We laugh, sing, struggle & succeed together. We welcome and celebrate all of our campers and look forward to learning about each of their stories.

Tuesday: Respect–
At Camp, respecting each other, our things and our environment, allows us to do all the exciting and fun activities we have planned each week. We will work on developing our self-confidence and speaking up to share our opinion.

Wednesday: Communication–
At Camp, we recognize the importance of letting our friends know how we are feeling. We try our best to use our words when we are happy, upset, frustrated, and sad. When problems arise, we also listen carefully and try to find a solution that makes everyone feel better.

Thursday: Leadership–
At Camp, there are times when we have to make the choice between what our friends are doing and making the right choice. Leaders understand that it is important to learn from our mistakes, take ownership of them, and try and make different choices in the future.

Friday: Flowability–
At Camp, it is very important to go with the flow. Sometimes rain, heat, or lack of supplies or another surprise can add a new challenge to your day, but here at camp we try our best to problem solve a different way to accomplish our goals.

One of the ways we will shine spotlight on our star each day is to have 2 campers be our color guard each morning and raise our Star Flag at breakfast and then talk as a camp about what each value looks and sounds like each day.

Stars of the Week

Each week, our staff votes on Comet and Shooting Star campers that have exhibited the best Star-like behavior that week.

Stars of the Week








Parent Involvement @ Camp

We welcome all parents to join us in our weekly festivities at camp! Camp Captains will have fun opportunities through out the summer where parents can spend some time with their camper and experience how awesome Camp Caboose is!

Monday Morning Blast Off – We all gather together and BLAST OFF the week with fun games, songs, and activities. We talk about what to expect for the week and review everything that we need to know (aka the “rules”) in order to have a great week. Please make sure your camper is with us by 9am to join in the fun! Friday Fiesta – Is a great opportunity to share everything awesome we learned the past week, plus participate in fun skits, games, and songs.