Spring has finally sprung! Construction season has taken over and surrounded us on all sides. We ask during this time that you have patience dropping off and picking up your children. We do suggest that it might be easier to park in gateway and walk back. We have been told that we will always have access to our parking lot, but  be aware the driveway maybe restricted on one end or the other. We are so excited to start planning our outdoor activities. We are discussing our gardens, outdoor classrooms, and walks we want to take this spring. Each ofMore…


We need help with a few small updates and repairs in the Moonshine and Sunshine Room. This would include smoothing over some of the wooden pieces, tightening and/or replacing bolts or nails, and other minor repairs. If you are interested, please contact Lisa Fiala at 256-1566 or stop by the office! Thank you!

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It’s official! Red Caboose owns the property of 2340 Winnebago Street! You can easily find our new home between 5th and 6th streets and Winnebago and East Washington. Red Caboose will be right next door to the UW Clinic at Union Corners. In January we began our very early stages of design with the Red Caboose teaching staff. At this meeting we worked with our Project Manager, Urban Assets and our architect Jim Glueck to brainstorm design concepts. We are very excited about the plans and will continue to pass along more information on the new facility as we have it.